Our Profile

Our company is operating successfully for 35 years now. The activity of the company is the production and trading of silver jewellery. We are targeting primarily the touristic market or anyone that is interested in designs that express the Greek tradition. It is a family business that aims the long lasting operation through the years, with dignity and professionalism.


Our Customers

Our customers are shops and traders of jewellery. Many of them focus on goods with Greek designs or generally ethnic orientation, while others provide a wider variety. We are active only on the whole trading market and not the retail market. Our customers have either their shops as a physical place or sell through the internet. Our customers can be met all around Greece, but also abroad. The distance from our exhibition in Athens, is not a restriction since we send our goods anywhere one can be.

Our Products

The construction of our products takes place exclusively in Greece. This is done by skilful and experienced technicians, who focus on the detail and the standardization of the good result. The whole collection consists only on silver 9250. The range of our products includes moulded, pressed, brushed or oxidised, shiny or hammered and gold plated. We target a high quality to cost offer, trying to be competitive and maintain a good market share.


The aesthetic on our designs are inspired from ancient Greece. Motifs like the Greek key, spiral, rotary, animal heads and others on the ancient Greek art. Either copies from designs that today we could find in museums, or adapted to the modern aesthetic, they give our customers the ability to offer their customers the Greek atmosphere. Obtaining a piece of our products the end customer holds a sample of Greek experience with him

Our range of products is yearly enriched with new ideas and designs that help significantly the renewal and revitalisation of the marketing power of our customers. This attribute helps our customers to be more competitive and able to increase their market share.

Our Tactics

Our main tactics all these years was to provide the best possible services to our customers, creating in this way long term relationships. Some of our main characteristics are the very short delivery time, the constant effort to cover our customer’s needs and requests, and the support on any possible aspect. During our course till today we have always respected our customers and have invested on honest, long term, win-win relationships.