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Important Notes

Important Notes

  • The prices illustrated are indicative. They all refer to silver versions without plating that is charged additionally. Also, refer to the average weight of each jewel but given they are handcrafted the weight may differ a little every time affecting the final cost. The cost per gr for each SKU should remain the same.

For the precise cost of your order, you need to input the items per SKU you require and a proforma will be sent back to you to confirm. In the proforma you will be able to see the final price to be charged.

  • Customization. The lengths of the bracelets and necklaces can be adjusted to your special needs after your request. The color versions illustrated on this site are in stock, but special order could probably be covered.
  • Cost of sterling silver. The prices on the site are related to the cost of sterling silver that is fluctuating daily. Although we absorb small fluctuations in order to keep constant prices, it is likely the price list will change during the year when cost of sterling silver will have changed significantly. The new price list will be upload on the site so it is visible before you put your order.